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EUR/GBP – Prediction/Signal 7/24/2014

Analysis So on the daily TF (time frame) of EUR/GBP we see a RRT (rail road track). It's not a perfect RRT but it's good enough for us to show signs that it may be a change in trend. What further confirms this is the 2nd to last candle on the image that shows a SH (stop hunt) along with closing the candle almost as a pin-bar with bullish strength. Current candle in the image shows a break of previous high which also indicates a possible trend change. Entry There are 2 ways of entry on this pair, one is more safe than the other. The first one would be to wait for the next daily candle confirmation to make sure you get a clean break of previous high so that you can see a HH (higher high), the buy stop would be at...

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AUD/JPY – Prediction 7/21/2014


Analysis Over the last couple of day's we see several LH (lower highs) forming, showing signs of weakness and indication of a drop. We had the same signs inside of our SSBO box and a short break-out test. Entry We believe that a good sell stop entry would be at...

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GBP/USD – Prediction 7/18/2014

Analysis We see several LH's (Lower Highs) on our 1h TF (time-frame), this is also a classic SSBO (stair step break-out) pattern. We also see that it stayed in the CZ (consolidation zone/load zone) and just started the break-out (2nd candle confirmation). Entry For this trade a good sell stop entry would be at

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EUR/AUD – Prediction 7/16/14

Analysis Ok, this morning we are going for a little bit odd pair, not many people trade it but here we go, EUR/AUD is showing the same signs as we saw on EUR/USD yesterday. The classic SSBO (stair step break-out pattern) along with a defined RRT (rail road track) candle which indicates a down trend. Entry So a good entry on EUR/AUD would be a sell stop at...

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FX School – Lesson #2 How To Setup Your Trading Environment

Hurry Up I want To Get Started!! So, now you have the basic understanding for Forex and you have taken your first loss (see lesson 1 by clicking here). So what do you need in order to trade on Forex? First you need to find a good broker, there are a very large amount of broker's out on the market and depending on where you live you may be limited to a lot less. For instance, anyone living in USA is limited to a lot less brokers because the demands that US government has put in place after 2008 crash has made it to costly for foreign brokers to operate within the rules and laws of US......

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EUR/USD – Prediction 7/15/14

Analysis EUR/USD is showing signs on 4h tf (4 hour timeframe) of weakness, with a classic stair step down pattern, also referred to as LH (lower highs). Currently candle shows a push down with strength but it's possible that the bull can keep the pressure up a little bit longer. Entry A good entry on this pair today would be 10 pips below current level, so set a sell stop at

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