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EUR/USD – Signal 8/27/14

EUR-USD Forex Signal

Analysis We are looking at trading on 15 min tf (timeframe) today, our first chart of the day is EUR/USD and we are seeing signs of SSBO (stair step break out). The pair has been in CZ for the last 4 hours and is building up volume. Entry We are setting a

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EUR/USD – Signal 8/26/14

Analysis We are looking for a short trade with about 15 pips, we are seeing on 15min TF (timeframe) a sign of SSBO. However, we also see a lot of swings up and down (also referred to as stop hunt) so we have to be careful with our lot size. Entry We are looking to take an entry at

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XAU/USD (GOLD) – Prediction

GOLD Forex Signal

Analysis We see a pinbar on previous candle on 1h tf (timeframe), while the pinbar is not the strongest sign, we are still confident on our trade and the direction of the trade. Having said all that, this is GOLD and you need to trade very carefully, gold swings a lot and you can drain your account in a hurry if you don't trade with the right lot size. Entry We feel that the entry for GOLD should be

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EUR/GBP – Prediction 8/14/14

Analysis Today we are looking at 15 minute tf (time frame) to see if we can find a good entry on EUR/GBP; the trend with EUR/GBP is an upward trend but it has been reversing lately. However, when we switch down to 15 min tf we can see that an entry is possible. Entry We think a good entry would be at

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