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USD/CHF – Forex Signal 6/5/2015

Forex pair USD/CHF review

We are reviewing USD/CHF today, while we see on D1 timeframe that it is trading below 200 EMA, there is opportunity to take a long trade when you go down to 1h TF. However, bare in mind, USD/CHF is a volatile Forex pair so don’t sit and wait for 100’s of pips, look for next peak and cash out (we ...

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USD/JPY – Forex Signal 6/4/2015

Forex Signal for USD/JPY 6/4/15

We wrote about USD/JPY on 6/2/15 (see here) getting set up for a good entry if it would come down to our trendline, well, it has now hit our trendline and we have just entered (today 6/4/15) and we recommend that everyone that is interested take a position now (today 6/4/15). As can be seen on our enclosed images below, ...

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Forex – Trailing Stop and How it Works

So what do you do if you want to set a trade but don’t want to sit and watch it in order to close out a profitable trade, however, you want to maximize the profit as much as possible, especially in a strong trend move? Ordinarily you should always set TP (take profit) and SL (stop loss) on any trade ...

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USD/JPY – Forex Signal – 6/2/2015

Forex pair usd-jpy

So we are looking at USD/JPY for a possible entry. We can see that it has retraced back down to almost touching the trendline on 4 hour timeframe; it is not quite there. When we add CCI (14) as an indicator, then we can see that it is nearing oversold position but it is not quite there; we suspect that ...

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