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EUR-USD Forecast – 2-28-16

eur/usd forecast 2/28/16

We have been following eur/usd down about 200 pips to major level of 1.09000. We see that there is hesitation in this area and we are forecasting that it will bounce off right before touching it and potentially breaking it with a wick but close above 1.09000. We have put our SL at 1.08611 below MS1 (monthly support 1); look ...

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Desperate Broker Move – In the brokers kill zone

Broker's Kill Zone

In case you don’t know, most brokers raise the spread from New York close to Asia’n open. This means they usually try to trigger SL by increasing the spread to levels you usually don’t see. We thought we would share how it looks like so that you can make sure you have enough breathing room, see the image and make ...

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