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Dollar Index (USDX) – Continued Forecast 4/22/16

USDX Forecast by http://www.myownforex.guru

On April 18th, 2016 we predicted a turn on Dollar index (USDX) to take place at a certain spot (see post here). As we now see at the end of the week, we were pretty much spot on with our forecast (see below). This means that we believe that the dollar will continue to strengthen for another 2-3 weeks because ...

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Dollar Index – Telling the future 4/20/16

Get ready for a swing on all USD pairs, get ready to take some serious pips.

We predicted 2 days ago that the dollar would drop to a certain level (see here) before making a move up. We were paying attention to this because it will give us multiple trade opportunities on several pairs (just look at all usd/? or ?/usd pairs). We know that when the dollar goes up (get strong) it weakens most currencies ...

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Dollar Index Forecast – 4/18/2016

Dollar Index (DXY) forecast for 4/18/16

We are reviewing the dollar index (DXY) to see if we can position ourselves with multiple pairs. Looking at the DXY we can see that it would continue a bearish move for a little bit longer before turning bullish at around 94.314. This is the area where we would look for a bullish entry on all USD pairs (bullish for ...

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