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Predictable Trading Setup

Predictable trading setup with setup displayed by http://www.myownforex.guru

We were asked how come EUR/USD climbed up 71.3 pips on Friday which to many seemed odd and unpredictable. We did not provide a forecast for August 12th, 2016 due to travel. However, we have been bearish on EUR/USD all of August and on August 10th and 11th we stated there would be bearish moves on EUR/USD and there was, ...

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Analyzing Your Bad Forex Trades

Forex Trading Analysis by My Own Forex Guru

Last week, the week of July 25th, 2016, I got my teeth kicked in on my trades. Out of 18 trades, only 3 was profitable, that is a terrible result. Because of that result, I decided I needed to find out why my Forex trading results were so bad, especially since I'm usually very successful in my trades and the week ...

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Live Forex Trading Recording

Live Forex trading event

Here is the recording from our last live Forex trading event on June 26th where we were showing how to use support and resistance to trade in Forex. Applying what we show here will give you a very good foundation for your trading and should set you on the path of successful trading (if you follow the rules). Enjoy and ...

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Forex – Trailing Stop and How it Works

So what do you do if you want to set a trade but don’t want to sit and watch it in order to close out a profitable trade, however, you want to maximize the profit as much as possible, especially in a strong trend move? Ordinarily you should always set TP (take profit) and SL (stop loss) on any trade ...

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