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Getting Started with Forex

How to Trade on Forex

So you have heard about Forex and it has peaked your interest! Now, if you could only figure out what it takes to get started. Fear not, you have come to the right place, here at myownforex.guru you will learn how to install the tools that you need for trading, along with learning the basics of trading on Forex. Once you have mastered the basic then you will move into becoming a junior trader and from there the sky is your limit (ok, perhaps your bank account is the limit :) ) In the follow up article to this post, you will learn how to do the following: Brokers, do I need them? Open a Demo Account! What is Metatrader? How to Install Metatrader! Making your first demo trade!

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Learn How to Trade Forex

Forex Intro

Here at My Own Forex Guru, you will learn how Forex works, what tools you need and how to read the charts. We also help you connect with other traders like yourself via our Forex forum; also providing the ability for you to provide your input to increase your visibility and also learning from others.

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