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EUR/GBP Forecast 3-24-16

We are seeing EUR/GBP going into another consolidation, it is hovering around the mid-point 0.78899 where we believe it is building up buy orders in preparation for EUR rally in the next couple of days. That also means that the GBP will drop when the rally starts so keep an eye on both EUR/GBP and GBP/USD and if EUR/GBP is rallying then go short on GBP/USD as well.

Here is our forecast

EUR/GBP 3-24-16 Forecast

EUR/GBP 3-24-16 Forecast

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Chris Wittusen started trading in early 90's, mainly in stocks but is now mainly trading in Forex (currency trading). He also manage a successful Forex group on Facebook, where he shares his knowledge to other people that want to learn more about how to trade in Forex. His technique still applies to both Forex and Stocks due to his style of naked chart trading along with box trading.
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